Mesin Fax Panasonic KX-FP711 CX


  • Plain Paper Fax
  • Copier with Multi Copy
  • Copier with Resolutions:
    * FINE (for small sized character)
    * SUPER-FINE (for very small-sized characters)
    * PHOTO (for photographs, shaded drawing, etc)
  • Document Memory
  • Speakerphone for Monitor
  • Navigator Key for Easy Operations
  • Directory. Storing Names and Telephone Numbers into the Phone Book (110 items)
  • One-Touch-Dial (up-to 10 Memory)
  • Broadcast Transmission. You Can Send the Same Document to Multiple Parties (up-to 20)
  • Caller ID Compatible
  • Modem Speed 14.4 Kbps


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